Building the Alliance one Christ follower at a Time


The Alliance

is a network of Christians who have come together to advance righteousness by engaging the culture with the Gospel and Biblical values in our respective areas of work and ministry.

Building a community of world-changing disciples.


Our Goals

Enlist and Equip more Christians for Engagement

Connect and Coordinate among Christian activists across the state



Seeking to unify the body of Christ to transform our state.


Our Divisions

Transforming Our Culture in Every Aspect of Society

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Education | Law & Policy | Arts & Entertainment | Faith & Family | Business

Our divisions represent the various facets of society and culture. When Christians join the Alliance, they can join one or more divisions so that they can network and partner with other Christians across the state within their cultural areas of interest and expertise.


Training and Discipling Christians in Cultural Reformation


Events that Inspire, Educate, and Activate

Our state team organizes state-wide prayer events, training conferences, and other cultural events to ignite a revival of courage, commitment, and action.



Activating Christians on the Local Level to Transform the Lives and Culture Around Us.


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Gospel Engagement Teams

GETEquipped    GETEducated    GETEngaged    GETEmpowered

Building Communities of World-Changing Disciples

Join a local group of believers from different churches, denominations, and backgrounds that gather to pray, educate themselves for service and cultural engagement, and partner together on projects designed to transform their local communities for Christ.In each meeting, GET groups will pray for their cities, train themselves for Biblical cultural engagement, and strategize on evangelism and community involvement. The GET groups will preach the Gospel, defend and care for the hurting, and act as Christ’s ambassadors within the educational, governmental, and cultural systems of their city.

Discover or Build a Team Near You!